So we've already established that I'm a blockchain marketer. It's in big letters on my homepage. If you want credible and compelling content about blockchain technology, you can email me at thomas@tdmoor.com or DM me on Twitter. But the homepage doesn't really say much about me, does it? Well, keep on reading.

A Thought That Didn't Leave

Have you ever had a thought that stayed with you for years on end? Here was mine: “I want to be a writer.” It popped into my head when I was very young and never went away. I didn't know what to do with it. Sure, I wrote blogs, short stories, and I was good with languages in general, but I was also interested in many other things – technology in particular. And how was I ever gonna earn money writing?

So I did nothing with the thought. I suppressed it, pretended that it didn't exist, that it wasn't always lurking underneath the surface of my conscious mind. Instead, I traveled the world for my studies, learned how to play the guitar, and worked in London as a SaaS salesman for five years. A good life, but the thought did not leave.

Writing for the Metaverse

Meanwhile, I saw the impact of the Internet on our society. What started as a place to send information back and forth was growing into something so intricate and interconnected it would become an inherent part of our daily lives. I saw the birth of the Metaverse, the convergence of the real with the digital, and it suddenly dawned on me. That place will need content.

I saw the path. Less than a week after this realization, I quit my job and was browsing for freelance writing opportunities on Upwork (okay, here's my old profile). Six months later, I was earning over $5,000 per month writing content for several tech companies. All remote, too. The sweet taste of geographical independence.

Thomas is a great writer who can turn difficult topics into understandable articles. He wrote articles about AI for us and did a great job. Furthermore, he is a joy to work with, has a clear communication style and adheres to deadlines.

- Joanne Zhang, Marketing

But I was scattered. I wrote for VR agencies, AI start-ups, cybersecurity companies, and others. While the work was always interesting and engaging, I felt that I could be of better use if I niched down into the technology I believe had the potential to change the world most.

The answer was obvious. Just like TCP/IP became the foundation of the Internet, I could see blockchain technology become the foundation of the Metaverse. Its potential is enormous. It can connect the underbanked, improve data security, speed up money transfers, reduce electoral fraud, give value to digital assets, and much more. I realized I could make a positive impact on the world by writing great content for blockchain companies. So I became a blockchain marketer.

Want to know more? Send an email to thomas@tdmoor.com or have a browse through my blog posts.

A Few Random Pictures

Me against a turquoise background
Boom. Headshot
Me as a young runner
Young me sprinting
My gf and I in Budapest
Gf and I in Budapest
Me reading a book
Always reading