Hi, I'm Thomas and I'm a blockchain marketer.

I write clear and engaging content for companies that use blockchain technology to build their product. Send an email to thomas@tdmoor.com if you want to reach more people with well-written content.

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Content is your opportunity.

Blockchain technology remains a confusing concept for many. A blockchain is a decentralized, time-stamped chain of immutable data, but what does that even mean and why in the world should I care? These questions can only be answered with well-written, easy-to-understand content.

Writing such content requires someone who has M-shaped knowledge; someone with deep, interconnected expertise in a few areas. For me, that's blockchain, programming, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. All these topics hang together and allow me to write in-depth content that presents you as a thought leader.

“The ability Thomas has to turn a complicated subject into one that the audience understands is unrivalled. If ever I need to explain a complicated technology, like the blockchain, to my 72 year old technophobe father, I'd just sit him down to read one of the articles Thomas had written on the subject.”

- John Robery, Chief Editor